May 2019   

Our Financial Operations...

Christian Life Academy is a private, non-profit

corporation. No state or federal funds are received by the school.

Income from tuition is insufficient to fully cover the cost of

operating the school. Interested individuals are invited to contribute

to the operation of the school via gifts for general expenses or by

providing scholarships for deserving students who would otherwise

be unable to afford such training. School fund-raising projects may

be planned as the need arises.


School’s Financial Policy

The school’s financial policy is as follows: “For students to

continue their studies in school, to be issued new PACEs, to receive

report cards or have records transmitted, or receive awards;

regular payments must be made. Statements are issued during the first week of each month. Payments are due on the 20th of each month. There is a $20.00 late fee added to the account each month when satisfactory arrangement has not been made ahead of time. Families who have financial problems can make satisfactory arrangements with the office to have their bill paid in a timely matter and forego the late charge. The school office will call parents who have not paid tuition by the 25th  day of

the month. If a payment has not been received by the school by the

30th day, a reminder letter will be sent to the parent and a late fee will be added to the bill. There will be another follow up phone call and a visit to the home at 20 days late if possible but if the tuition is not paid by 25 days  the student will be withdraw from school. At this time, the school administration will consider whether to “re-enroll” the student under stricter financial terms. A meeting will be scheduled for the administrator and the parents to discuss alternative arrangements. For families that the

administrator deems qualified, the option of re-enrolling under new terms will be offered. The new terms will be considered “financial probation” and will include the following strict guidelines for payment:

Cash or credit card payments only.

Thirty-day promissory note, signed by both parents, for

portions of tuition still owed.

6 months financial probation where students can be

disenrolled immediately if any payment is late.

There will be a $50 reenrollment fee. All delinquent accounts will be turned over to a collecting service due to NON-PAYMENT, at which time that cost will be added to the bill.

If a parent withdraws a child from school or if the child is

dismissed from school during any portion of a month, the parents

will be billed for the entire month.  Tuition is based upon an

annual fee. Payment is not made by the number of days or weeks a child is in school, but rather by an annual fee that can be divided into monthly