May 2019   
General Information


Students are not permitted to communicate, distract, or be out of their office without permission. They should not turn sideways, turn around, or tip back in their chair.

Activities not related to prescribed material are not to be conducted in an office unless privileges have been earned.

Gum is never allowed on school property

Calculators are only used once permission is received from his/her teacher.

Student Offices

Offices are assigned and changed only by teachers, and they must be kept neat and cared for by the student. Goal Card must be placed in the upper right-hand comer, Progress Chart is placed in the upper left-hand corner, PACEs and notebooks are to be placed in the student's magazine holder. Bibles are placed against the left-hand divider, and an enclosed pencil box placed in the middle against the backboard.


Goal Card

We know every student is different and students work at their personal pace. Therefore, we do not use a lock step system. Each student must learn to set his/her own goals in each subject for the day depending on the student's work load and ability. Students will keep up with their progress by using a Goal Card. They must record the exact page numbers they will do that day. Upon completion of each goal, including scoring and correcting, the goal is crossed off and reset for the next school day. Students can only use blue ink on their Goal Card.

If a student does not get finished with their goals during school hours, the work is sent home to be finished.



The responsibility for scholastic achievement is placed on students. Daily and weekly goals are established for each student according to his/her work load and ability. Students are given a daily report each day stating what should have been done that day. If a goal is not completed in class it must be completed that evening. The daily report is to be signed by the parent and returned the following day. If all necessary work assignments are completed a "FRIDAY PASS" will be issued.**PLEASE BE AWARE HOMEWORK IS NOT EXTRA WORK, IT IS NECESSARY WORK FOR PROMOTION.


Friday Pass

       To encourage and congradulate students work habits, students are given the opportunity to receive a pass that will allow them to stay home on Fridays. This pass will be issued on Thursdays. If and only if your students brings a pass home, they will be excused from class on Friday. **STUDENT WILL MOST LIKEY STILL HAVE WORK TO DO ON FRIDAY. 

General Comments for Parents and Students


Griping, complaining, or questioning authority is not tolerated



Marked on, defaced, or broken property is to be replaced at offending student's expense.



Derogatory words and shortened forms of words such as but not limited to: shut up, stupid, gosh, and or jesters will not be tolerated. Use only words which glorify the Lord.


Six-inch rule:

ALL students should keep their hands off other students.


PE Equipment:

When a student checks out physical education equipment, he is responsible to return it or pay for it.


Lunch Procedures:

Student may bring their own lunch or buy their lunch for $6.00. Students are responsible for eating at designated areas, cleaning up by placing trash in receptacles, wiping off tables.


Off Limits:

            Students are not allowed at any time in the following area:

                      1.  Other student's offices

                      2.  Learning Center Control Station and files

                      3.  Learning Center when supervisor is not in attendance

                      4.  Autos and parking lot


Books, Magazines, Music, or Movies

These items must be approved in writing by parents and approved by supervisor upon student's arrival at school. Questionable material will be confiscated and given only to parent.

Electronic Devices

Any electronic devises such as but not limited to: cell phones, game boys, CD, ipads or tape players are not allowed at any time on school grounds.  


Miscellaneous Items

Notebooks, lunchboxes, book covers, stickers, posters, or anything that a student might use or bring to school that would be improper or questionable to our Christian beliefs are not permitted. Please use Christian discretion in all areas.


Parties are not school-sponsored unless parents receive a notification letter. We encourage individual birthday parties for students, however, please notify the school at least 2 days in advance.


Students will not be permitted to leave with anyone except those approved in writing by parents. Only licensed drivers are permitted to drive automobiles to school. All students must stay out of and off vehicles from arrival time until departure.