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  February 2020  
Verse of the Day
  • Volleyball Set-up
  • Volleyball Set-up
  • Education with Foundation: Spiritual, Intellectual, Social, Physical

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CLA Volleyball Court

We are so excited, as you can see from the photos we have uploaded, the volleyball "court" has been set up. What a blessing for all the students! For all who participated (with either donations, supplies, or physical labor); thank you. You people are great!

Now, our next goal is to have a "back-stop" for kickball and/or baseball, and real bases. Wouldn't that be awesome for our students, to have the ball stop. You know when they are throwing it to the "back-stop-prtdon" instead of having to chase it down when they miss (that's a lot by the way). But hey, at least they are playing, demonstrating team-work, learning how to work together, learning to be active in sports, and the camarderie is important to their social development.

As always thanks in advance for your participation (every little bit helps and adds up).


Back Stop Fundraiser

In order to have a good back-stop for the students, we would need the net (Amazon has one for $109), then of course sturdier polls, probably the same set-up with tires, concrete, and heavy duty polls. This would enable the back-stop to with stand the various weather changes, and storms we have in Florida. See Pastor for details.