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   July 2019   
Church Affiliation

Church Affiliation


Christian Life Academy is a significant and inseparable ministry of Christian Life World in which anyone may observe, but those that are in covenant relationship with Jesus Christ and voluntarily identified themselves by membership in the church may enjoy and participate in it, to the fullest degree of expression. Since Christian Life Academy is a ministry of Christian Life World and a church-school we teach teh Bible, God's Holy Word, through the disciplines of Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Vocabulary Enrichment, and Literature, as well as Chapel Services and Daily Devotions.


We are a very diverse school community, and this is one of the many things that make our program so unique. Most of our students are neurotypical, but we do serve some with learning and developmental differences. In order to be successful in our program, a student should be ready to learn with few behavioral barriers. Students should be able to work independently, cooperatively and as part of a small group. We have small class sizes, technology integration and teacher assistants to ensure that accommodations are provided for students who need it. However, a student requiring a very small student:teacher ratio just to learn, attend or manage behavior, they would not be a good fit for our school at this time. As we do not have that level of support available throughout the school day. Our commitment as a school is to set every student up for success!