May 2019   
Maintaining Control

Maintaining Control


Christian Life Academy is not a corrective institution; consequently, we ask that a child not be enrolled with the idea that we will reform him/her. We are here to work with the home, not to take the place of parents who have experienced discipline difficulty. The student must at all times conduct himself in a manner becoming a Christian.

If we are expected to maintain control in the Learning Center there must be a unity between the parents and staff of CLA. If your child does come home complaining about a policy or discipline, we ask that you please follow this procedure:

1.  Give the staff the benefit of the doubt.

2.   Realize that your child's reporting is emotionally biased and may not include all the information.

3.   Realize that the school has reasons for all rules and that they are enforced without partiality.

4.  Support the administration and call the school for all the facts.

When a child's attitude is not in accord with school policies or principles, the child will be placed on probation and both parents will be called for a conference. If the administration feels the situation has not changed within two weeks, parents will be asked to withdraw the child.

This school is dedicated to the training of children in a program of study, activity, and living that is Christ-centered. We believe that "...all things should be done decently and in order", I Cor. 14:40, and that our students should be taught to accept the responsibility to walk honorably before all men.

   "Children, obey your parents in all things: for this is well pleasing unto the Lord." Col. 3:20

    "Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers..." Romans 13:1

   "Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves..." Heb. 13:17

    "For the commandment is a lamp: and the law is light; and reproofs of instruction are the way of life." Prov. 6:23

    "He is the way of life that keepth instruction: but he that refuseth reproof erreth." Prov. 10:17


CLA retains the right to perform backpack, office, locker, and notebook inspections at any time.  Any material or equipment we find objectionable will be confiscated and destroyed.


Through the use of demerits, detentions, and corporal correction we are able to maintain a discipline, which is firm, consistent, fair, and tempered with love. Our staff maintains standards of behavior through kindness, love, and a genuine regard for the student.


The paramount rule is "do right: do not disturb." Demerit marks are earned for disturbances or broken rules. Demerits are an indication that a student may need direction in the development of principles of character in his/her life. Upon the 3rd demerit detention time begins accumulating.


Detention time is earned as follows:  

    3 demerits=15 minutes detention

   4 demerits=20 minutes detention

    5 demerits=25 minutes detention

and so forth. When a student receives a detention, a Corrective Action Notice is sent home with the student and is to be signed by the parents and returned the next day. Detention time is served during student's breaks, lunch, and after school the following day.

Students earning over 60 minutes detention in a single week will be sent home with a "Parental Correction" notice.


Parental Correction:

Parents should be the administrators of Parental Correction in times when it is necessary. Therefore, the parents will be notified in the event a Biblical Law has been broken, or repeat offenses have gone uncorrected. Parental correction is agreed upon by parents and staff together. It can be anything from a spanking with the number of licks specified to restrictions. Whatever you choose, please remember this punishment is to change attitude, cause repentance, and build character in your child. Please take careful consideration and follow through with your word.

Once Parental Correction is deemed to be necessary, the student will be removed from the Learning Center, the offense will be discussed, and the student led in prayer. Also, parents, preferably the Father, will be notified. The student must be picked up immediately from the school and parental correction administered.


Opportunities of the Learning Center

A.   Unless permission is received, the following earns one demerit:

1.  Getting up from your chair

2.   Leaving the Testing Table

3.  Bringing food or drink into the Learning Centers (other than CLA water bottle)

4.  Disturbance in the Learning Center

5.  Chair left out

6.  Going to the Scoring Station with a pencil

7.  Improper scoring procedures

8. Skipped scoring blocks (including supervisor scoring)

9. Wrong answers not marked wrong

10. Arriving late for appointed times

11. Daily not signed or returned

12. Improper Uniform

13. For each item left at home

14. Performing activities not related to prescribed material

15. Chewing Gum

16. Homework not done (1 demerit for each subject)

17. Violating the six inch rule


B. Violations which earn automatic detention or Parental Correction:

1.  Extra red markings in PACE

2.  Working any part of a Self Test without first obtaining an initial

3.  Cheating on PACE work or test

4.  Arguing or complaining with the authority


***Repeat violations from section A will be dealt with in the following way:

1st= Demerit

2nd = 15 minute detention

3rd =  Parental Correction