July 2018  


              Christian Life Academy uses the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum or more commonly known as the PACE system. The ACE curriculum is a mastery based-independent study program where each student is dealt with n an individual basis. Upon acceptance to CLA each student is given a diagnostic test which will determine learning gaps and srudents perfromance levels within the different subject levels. Student work at their own rate of comprehension, however, a complete year of work must be completed before students are promoted to the next grade level. 

             Christian Life Academy supplements its paper curriculum with many on-line and technological classes. Students from Kindergarden and up are required to attend a foreign language class as well as 6 hours or more on computer courses which ranges from Microsoft Office to programming to Personal Finances depending on the grade.             


Progress Reports

        The grading system of our school is designed to give parents a true indication of the student's progress or lack thereof 

  • 94%-100% = A
  • 88%-93%   = B
  • 85%-87%   = C

         Progress reports are issued to parents the following week of the end of each 9-weeks period. Please see yearly calendar for exact dates. The report is placed in an envelope which is to be signed by the parent and returned to the shcool promptly. Grades are based on successfully completed PACEs. Students will be promoted upon the completion of one year's work.

**Visit aceministries.com/curriculum for more about our curriculum.