May 2019   
Incentive Programs


Christian Life Academy is run by a series of checks and balances. Where the checks are incentives and the balances are controls. Incentives are designed to promote learning achievement and motivation for students, while the balances help keep the learning environment free from distractions. Christian Life Academy does not promote competition, rather we award accomplishments.

Privilege Levels:

Students may earn privilege levels. The more responsibilities a student completes, the more privileges they are awarded.      

 Level "A"        Level "C"        Level "E"


                             Level "A" Responsibilities 

  •  Complete all necessary PACE work during current quarter
  •  Accumulate no more than 45 minutes detention 
  •  Memorize previous month's Bible selection 


                              Level "A" Privileges

  •  10 extra minutes of lunch break on Monday
  • May work on "C" reports in office after goals are complete 


                              Level "C" Responsibilities

  • Complete all of "A" with no more than 30 minutes detention 
  • Complete monthly "C" report assignment 


                              Level "C" Privilege 

  • May receive all of "A" privileges 
  • May have free time in office after goals are complete 
  • May participate in Privilege Hour 
  • May be out of seat without permission in the learning center 


                             Level "E" Responsibilities 

  • Complete all of "C" with no detention 
  • Engage in some form of Christian service 


                             Level "E" Privilege 

  • May receive all of "C" privileges 
  • May leave office and Learning Center without permission 


Students who believe they have fulfilled the responsibilities for an "E" Level status must submit an Application for Privilege to their supervisor no later than Friday of each week.



Merits are the award system used to congratulate students' good works. Merits can be earned by many different ways in the Learning Center and are used to buy needed school supplies or items from the merit store.

  • Daily Goal Completed (500)
  • No demerits daily (100)
  • Correctly scored paces (100) per checkup 
  • Scripture Memorization 1st week 0 helps (1000)
  • Scripture Memorization 2nd week 0 helps (500)
  • Scripture Memorization 3rd  week 5 helps (200) 
  • Scripture Memorization 4th week 5 helps (100)
  • Make a 100% on any test (100) 
  • "C" Privilege Report (500)
  • Per page of completed work (10)
  • Homework assignment competed (100)


Field Trips:

Students who maintain an A privilege for 1 out of 4 weeks and have met attendance standards have the honor of attending the monthly field trip. These fun and educational excursions are held to provide a regular incentive.

A natural outgrowth of such trips is that students are disciplined in the art of self-control and gracious deportment in various social conditions. 

Honor Roll Luncheon:

On a designated day during the first week of each quarter students who have obtained Honor Roll Status (completed all required assignments, "C" reports, and quoted scripture references) and who have obtained a 88% - 93% GPA for Supervisor's or 94% -100% GPA for Pastor's Honor Roll will have a personal lunch with the Pastor.

Annual Graduation/Awards Ceremony:

Certificates, metals, and trophies highlight the Annual Graduation/Awards Ceremony. Students are rewarded for what they accomplish, however, students not attending Ceremony will not receive rewards.

Friday Pass

To encourage and congratulate students work habits, students are given the opportunity to receive a pass that will allow them to stay home on Fridays. This pass will be issued on Thursdays. If and only if your student brings a pass home, they will be excused from class on Friday.


Congratulation Slips

Students receive a Congratulation Slip and a corresponding colored star every Monday morning. These slips should be taken home to parents.

Progress Charts

Students are issued a corresponding colored star matching the subject, upon completion of a test. These stars are placed on the Progress Chart for parents, students, and supervisors to keep tract of individual progress being made.