Dress Code Contract

Christian Life Academy Dress Code Contract


Due to the correlation between appropriate attire and a positive and safe learning environment, we have established the following standards for student dress at Christian Life Academy. Student uniforms are an important part of our school image, so it is important that our students abide in our school uniform policy.

We are in need of your assistance, parents, to implement these guidelines:

  • The uniform should be neat and clean
  • No tears or missing buttons on the uniform
  • CLA monogrammed shirts are to be tucked in at all times. If students want to wear a shirt under the CLA uniform shirt, it must be white and it must be tucked in.
  • A brown or black belt
  • Solid color leggings, tights or long socks maybe worn during cooler months
  • Khaki or Navy Blue "Docker" type long pants for boys only
  • Khaki or Navy Blue (below the knee) skirts for girls only
  • Pants should not be dragging the ground
  • Pants should not have torn hems or rips
  • No jewelry of any kind
  • No facial hair
  • Boys sideburns can not be lower than the ear, and hair must be off the collar.
  • No tattoos are to be exposed and students should not write on themselves


Acceptable Shoes:

Students are required to participate in vigorous physical activity on a daily basis. To insure student's safety and prevent injury, closed-toed shoes must be worn and be of a nature that they will remain securely fastened to the feet at all times.



  • CLA Green or Navy Sweater may be worn in the Learning Centers only
  • Any type of slogan or advertisement may not be attached or worn by any student


Dress Code - All Items of Clothing May be Purchased at:

www.frenchtoast.com (School Code - QS5JPHR)



  • Designated CLA Monogrammed Polo Shirt
  • Long Khaki or Navy Dress Pants
  • Brown or Black Belt with simple gold or silver buckle
  • Flat-Soled, Closed-Toe Shoes


  • Designated CLA Monogrammed Polo Shirt
  • Below the Knee Length Khaki or Navy Skirt - (Age 14 and up may order Plaid Skirts)
  • Belt (if needed)
  • Flat-soled, Closed-Toe Shoes


Procedure for Non-Compliance

Students are expected to wear the clothing designated under the dress code to school daily. Failure to comply with the dress code standard will result in the following disciplinary action:

(1.) First Offense: Student will not be permitted to return to class until they are compliant with the dress code. They will receive an administrative warning and a telephone call to parents for their first offense.

(2.) Second Offense: Student will not be permitted to return to class until they are compliant with the dress code. They will issue a behavior improvement plan and a telephone call will be made to parents. Time out of class will count as an unexcused absence.

(3.) Third Offense: Student will not be permitted to return to class until they are compliant with the dress code and be issued 1 hour of parent paid after-school detention. Time out of class to change will be unexcused. Parent conference will take place on day of third offense.

(4.) Additional Offenses: Students will be removed from the class and suspended for the rest of the school day. Parents must pick up their child within the hour, if said child is not picked up within the hour, there will be a $2.00 per 15 minute late fee charged/added to the family account. Time out of class will count as an unexcused absence. Repeat offenses may lead to expulsion.


Physical Education

Physical Education is a mandatory course for all students ages 5-13. Students will not be required to dress out, however, girls wishing to change into a skirtlotte and P.E. shirt may do so. We have P.E. class 2 days a week; Monday and Wednesday.

The State of Florida requires 1 credit hour of P.E. for ages 14-18. Students taking the P.E. class are required to be fully dressed out and participate in exercises and the planned activity. Clothes will be taken home each day and washed.



  • Gym Pants or Jeans
  • P.E. Shirt (issued by the school)
  • Socks
  • Athletic Shoes



  • Skirtlotte (can be ordered through the school office)
  • P.E. Shirt (issues by the school)
  • Socks
  • Athletic Shoes


It is our policy that no student is excused from the required physical education course without a doctor or parent written excuse. Also, the athletic program of this school is a coordinated effort; therefore, students may bring athletic equipment from home with the understanding that all students will have the opportunity to play with said equipment at the owning student's risk.